Paraben Free Skincare

I love beauty products. I love trying new potions and lotions in an effort to keep my skin healthy and glowing. Of course I know that I need to eat healthy and drink a ton of water, which I do, or at least try to do.skincare

One of my criteria for skincare and make-up is that it is free of parabens. What are parabens you might wonder? Well, parabens are a preservative commonly used in all beauty products and can be absorbed through the skin and the digestive system. This pesky little preservative can create havoc on a woman’s hormone system. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics states that the health concerns are “endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, and immunotoxicity.” Because I do not like to take any chances when it comes to my health, I decided to pick products that do not contain any of the parabens commonly used.

There are so many brands that make amazing products so nobody has an excuse to keep using products containing parabens.

My personal favorites are:

Skincare: Korres, Origins Skin Care, Boscia Skin Care and Josie Maran.

Makeup: Tarte, Josie Maran, bareMinerals.

Shampoo: Devachan curly hair products.

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