Eco Travel in South Africa

I love traveling, I love exploring new countries, cultures, cuisines, meeting new people, I love it all. But unless I travel by bike or foot, traveling the world increases my carbon footprint greatly. To offset the negative side effects of flying, I like to stay at eco friendly resorts, hotels or bed & breakfasts. So, let me introduce you to this beauty in South Africa.

Let me tell you something about South Africa, it is the most beautiful country. The people are amazing, the food is great, there is so much to see and do. Being in South Africa is happiness for me. Pure happiness. I am lucky though, I have family in Cape Town so it makes it more affordable to go. We own this gorgeous sustainable house that you can rent. Check out the website,

The amazing part of this house is that it has a natural pool, yes, natural! No chlorine, no salt! The water is cleaned by plants! Can you believe it? It is amazing. I don’t think there are any words that do this house any justice, so check out the pictures. And let me know if you would like to go!





4 thoughts on “Eco Travel in South Africa

  1. It is a beauty! Great photos. Also, thanks for sharing your initiative on minimizing your carbon footprint. It certainly gives me something to ponder the next time I travel..


  2. It’s fantastic that you realize how you affect the world by traveling. It’s something that I just recently realized as well. Your suitable house looks amazing. The pool itself is incredible! I’m sure if I’m ever in South Africa I will stay at your house!!


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