Road Trip to Virginia Beach

For Labor Day weekend we took a road trip to Virginia Beach and combined a Rock & Roll race with a little vacation. I have to admit that we didn’t stay at a certified Eco friendly hotel. When I searched for accommodations, budget was the number one priority. When we arrived in our room at Candlewood suites it was freezing cold. My husband likes rooms to be cold, I don’t mind the heat that much. My first thought however, when we enter a cold room like this is the wasteful air conditioner. Well, I am happy to report that the hotel has a smart A/C that apparently knows when you leave the room.

While at the hotel I started wondering how I can still be sustainable when not staying at the most sustainable hotel. Most hotels are incorporating practices to reduce their carbon footprint. In my opinion the most important one is not changing towels and sheets unless you specifically request them. Doing laundry uses a lot of clean water, so it is important to only wash those items that are truly dirty. Using your towels for two days instead of one will safe a ton of water, actually gallons in this case.

Other options to offset the not so green hotel is renting a bike instead of using your car, or walk whenever that is possible. You will be surprised how much more of the environment you will see. A beautiful flower, a rare plant, a chirping bird, wildlife, these things all pass you by when you are driving your car and are focused on traffic.

In cities like New York City and Washington, D.C. there are bike rentals all over the place. Check them out on your next visit, you never know what you will see.

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