Magnolialaan (Magnolia Lane) is a street somewhere in the Netherlands. Magnolialaan 8 is a house somewhere in my beautiful home country. It is the house where my siblings and I were literally born, it is the house where we grew up, it is the house of my youth, it is the house where my dad took his last breath, it is the house that I will always think off as my home. The house is sold, but the memories stay. Magnolialaan 8 will always remain in my heart. To honor my amazing childhood growing up in this home surrounded by trees I decided to name my blog, Magnolia Eight.

So, what is this blog about? With this blog I try to give you a glimpse of my efforts to live a more sustainable life. The word sustainable is so overused and each person seems to give it a different meaning. To me it me a sustainable life means living in a way that minimizes my carbon footprint. I want to do my best to ensure this beautiful planet of ours is around for many more years.

Let me make one thing very clear though, I love certain things that go against this thinking. For instance, I love, love, love traveling. So, you know I love traveling right? Different cultures fascinate me, I love learning about different religions, customs, languages and food. But while I travel, may it be by car, train or plane, I always try my very best to minimize that footprint.

I hope you enjoy this little blog of mine, and I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions and experiences.
Magnolia Eight


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